Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Inhibition of Erectile Dysfunction using Cialis

Cialis is a member medicine in the family of PDE5 inhibitors. This entire set of medicines is actually used in treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Normally it is available in 5, 10 and 20 milligram doses and known as “the weekend pill” for its fascinating 36 hour activity.

Few points to remember:
  •  Cialis is supposed to be consumed orally.
  • The prime component of the medicine is Tadafil.
  • It is primarily a safe medicine that can be consumed daily with the doctor’s approval.
  • The side effects related to the medicine are mild and limited.
  • Exact dosage of the medicine for an individual is to be determined by a doctor.
Cialis is however potential risk to people suffering from cardio-vascular problems, kidney ailments or those who have undergone organ transplantation. It has been found to create a minute lapse of memory which lasts hardly for a few hours. However, it should never be taken along with recreation drugs.
Prompt effectiveness of the medicine has made it widely available on the Internet. Myriads of people as such prefer to buy Cialis online. The medicine when taken approximately 30 minutes prior to sexual activity produces the best result. 

Innumerable websites have come up these days to vendor Cialisonline. The medicine becomes effective only with sexual stimulation. The technical procedure that the medicine follows is fascinating, which is as follows:

    • The enzyme cGMP regulates flow of blood in the penile area, thus determining the scope and the phase of an erection.
    • PDE5 is another enzyme that counteracts the function of cGMP.
    • This drug prevents PDE5 from counterbalancing the much required cGMP in the human body.


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